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Voted the Best City to Travel to in 2019 by Lonely Planet, you just can't miss a trip to Copenhagen. 

Cutting-edge design, green parks and a harbour clean enough to swim in make Copenhagen an excellent place to live and to visit. Cool and laid back Copenhagen is a great place to explore all-year round.

Top things to do in Copenhagen

Tivoli Gardens

The city's famous amusement park, Tivoli Gardens, has several themes throughout the year. Outside the main summer season, Tivoli Gardens also open for approx. three weeks around Halloween, from mid-November to late December for Christmas, through February for the Winter Season, and around Easter giving you lots of reasons to come again. 

Canal Tours

Copenhagen's water is clean enough to swim in, but if a dip in one of the harbour pools isn't your thing, you can enjoy one of the city's many canal cruises. Cruise along the narrow canals and discover the city from the water. Spot the magnificent Opera House and the statue of the Little Mermaid.  


The Danish capital also houses several incredible museums. The National Museum of Denmark allows you to step into a time-machine. Here you can explore the Viking Age, mummies and the history of Denmark. If you are an art enthusiast, then you should jump on a train to Hornbæk and visit the incredible Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. 

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Köpenham fick utmärkelsen "Best city to Travel to in 2019" av Lonely Planet. Det förvånar oss inte alls. Den danska huvudstaden är fylld av innehåll för alla åldrar. Köpenhamn är avslappnat, har ett otroligt utbud av restauranger för alla smaker, är fyllt av fantastisk design och har cykelvänliga (nästan helt backbefriade) cykelvägar. Besök någon av de många matmarknaderna, promenera på Tivoli eller shoppa loss på Strøget. I coola Köpenhamn finns allt!

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